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looked at the small write so many articles on the Adidas period is not a little bit tired? Don't say you, I can't stand it, today Xiaobian to bring about Nike shoes. Speaking of Nike, presumably a lot of friends of shoes will be the first time that Air Jordan series. Yes, but that is a star of this series of shoes. We look at the first ten AJ today. (this chapter for the private view, light spray oh) TOP 10: Air Jordan 9Even if Jordan did not play in the AJ9 through the , but the 9 generation is still a pair of good shoes. In addition, you have to admit that this pair of shoes slip and baseball shoes nail too. TOP 9: Air Jordan 6In fact, the 6 generation of before and after several generations are easily confused, but the 6 generation of the large tongue helps it talent shows itself. In addition, Jordan wore a AJ6 for the first time to win the championship. TOP 8: Air Jordan 13 left for the 05 version, the right for the 10 edition of is a double bull periodof Jordan foot shoes, but because other people get more attention, can you believe it? Thanks to actor Denzel · Washington to wear AJ13 in the movie "He Got Game" TOP 7: Air Jordan 7Jordan is wearing AJ7 led the dream team won the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games gold medal, making the shoes ranking * * AJ7 is improved, and a pair of nice and good wear shoes. TOP 6: Air Jordan 5 transparent outsole, reflecting the tongue, inspired by the World War II P-15 fighter, a variety of factors combine to make AJ5 people can not extricate themselves! TOP 5: Air Jordan 12 excellent du Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale rability, and the classic "Flu Game" blessing makes AJ12 a lot of shoes fan favorite. TOP 4: Air Jordan 4 "Do The Right Thing (for)" let AJ4 have more exposure, but also become a symbol of the age of Broolyn. Every time I see this pair of shoes, ear could be heard " Fight the Power". TOP 3: Air Jordan 3 this is the first double use Jumpman Logo shoes, Jordan Brand now is 〉Air Jordan XXXI launched a low version is not news, but when a formal sale and offering what color is very important. Now the first Air Jordan XXXI Low officially unveiled, the weaving characteristics of dark gray color and with the gradual presentation, followed by a huge Logo in tone on tone's technique of using black low-key presentation. At present, the high value of Air Jordan XXXI. Low has been officially added in Nike, the sale price is 1399 yuan. You are interested in, will hold a mobile phone. shoes??????air jordan release dates Young Living Essential Oils Kady D D Herron what would it cost to make this high tops with shorts Rustic Rolling Crate Click Pic for DIY Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas DIY Halloween Decor Ideas for the Home jordan release dates Young Living Essential O" /〉 air jordan bred authentic for sale Transfer Technique Tutorial transfer pictures etc using Modge Podge to furniture air jordan release dates Young Living Essential Oils Kady D D Herron what would it cost to make this The last day of the month 8 Jerry Lorenzo, in charge of the California high street brand Fear of and Vans God this year launched a joint fi Cheap air jordans for sale nal release (to play out of the box portal). In fact, Jerry Lorenzo has released the joint channel in a variety of news to warm up from the beginning of this year, but the August release is simply one of the joint shoes? Sk8-Hi 38 Reissue. After a month, Fear Of God x Vans rujierzhi, today to bring online joint Era shoes. and Sk8-Hi shoes, Era F.O.G. remained the minimalist aesthetic concept, with all the white canvas shoes to make at the same time, in order to cater to the brand lovers, the words "Fear Of God" brand shoes in Black Retro font with the surface, with light brown shoes with collocation and outsole, white inside. All the details. not surprisingly, Fear of God x Vans Era branded shoes online sale is just a second purchase, but this Saturday October 8th, PacSun stores the shoes will also landed the sale, if not to buy the buddy, don't miss! WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (108) share to micro-blog in the Qingming Festival, spring, take off the heavy coat, a simple hoodies or shirts must be travel choice, comfortable footwear needless to say is the focus, such as those and popularity explosion approximation table Nike sock dark lunar Prestos series of shoes, and simple and casual Stan Smith are very occasion! Below for the selection of this week's Instagram 10 group featured sneakers with Brand Jordan / Jordan Air 1 / Criminal / Damagelevi'sOriginals adidas / Smith Stan / HUF / G-SHOCKSupreme / FBT visvim / NixonNike / Prestos Lunar / Elliott John + Co / Za Cheap foamposites for sale nerobeY-3 / HighQASAASICS / III / Gel-Lyte / Rayban / Supreme / StussyBalance New / M1300CLNike / Yeezy Air / Owens Rick / Supply Co Badlands / LaurentSaintTisci x Nike Air / Force Riccardo 1 / ZanerobeFBT visvim / Rolex / Arrows / United Saint / Laurent Destroyed / Denim search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: Instagramwhen buying a new car, you will pay attention to the design and material of the crank, but few people will pay attention to the length of the crank. Through the professional Fitting Bike service, can more accurately assess the suitable crank length. Prior to this, this article will help us to judge whether it is too long or too short. in depth study of this issue, whether there is a "optimum length" of the crank it? On this issue there are both positive and negative statements, but the length of the crank really has a relationship with you? at the present time, there are a variety of computing the mathematical formulation of the crank length, although not accurate in place, but also can yet be regarded as a reference value, such as your crotch high x 0.216. Or is that your thigh bone (in inches as a unit) is equal to the length of the crank (cm). Or, the crank length should be 9.7% of your height. Obviously, the body structure of each person is the one a Retro jordans for sale nd only, can not use mathematical formulas to generalize. For example, there are two height exactly the same driver, their bone of the thigh and leg (tibia and fibula), a foot bone does not necessarily equal, or even say high hip is also different. As far as the individual is concerned, your ankle and hip flexibility will not be the same. So don't give the mathematical formula to the Bible. Can be used as a reference. so, how do you know that your crank length is correct? The key lies in the riding comfort and efficiency. If you find: - do you feel a little pain in the knee, hip or lower back - when you step on the light tooth high, the body will beat - you are always the first to stand up and shake the car when you enter the mountain road - your seat is very high, even minor mm, and it will have a dramatic effect on ...... If you have the above symptoms, then your crank may be too long. longer crank requires better flexibility and core strength. If you have tried a variety of adjustments, still can not overcome the knee pain, hip pain and other issues, perhaps for a shorter set of crank can help. If you are less than 180 cm tall, the use of 170mm or 172.5mm of the crank can improve the performance and comfort. this seems to be contrary to common sense; in accordance with the point of view of mechanics, the longer crank means greater leverage and power, is not it? Is not entirely, in fact the longer the crank can only give you greater torque. And torque (Torque) and power (Power) both are not the same concept, many people engage in mixed. Torque Cheap jordans online is measured by torque. Power is the speed of the work which is the energy consumed in the unit time. You can get more energy and work faster. Longer crank can bring better lever effect (Niu Li), but they can't produce the strength to move forward in the end. But why don't you get extra torque? Because it also brings shortcomings. longer crank is not conducive to sprint, and it is not easy to maintain the rotation of the shorter crank. recently, O'Neill and Scottie Pippen in social networking sites "tear forced wars", in Lakers history best lineup with bulls history best lineup who is more noisy bee. And Philadelphia local media on the subject, they believe that the best team in the history of the 76 team is the best team in the league. first came back to Martin O'Neill and Scottie Pippen debate focus, the former think by themselves, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Elgin Baylor, Kobe Bryant and "magician" Johnson composed of Lakers team history best lineup to victory over Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Rodman, Horace grant, and Ross bull history best lineup 50 points. Of course, Pippin is not convinced, the results of the two air war, trying to ridicule and sarcasm each other. See review: tear forced Wars: Shaquille O'neal VS Scott - Pippen of course, objectively speaking, O'neal said the Lakers strongest lineup of strength is slightly better than the Bulls strongest lineup. A data analysis of the site on the simulation of the 50000 Lakers and bulls of the duel, allowing the above mentioned two groups of players to play 48 minutes, the players will not be cheap foamposites affected by the impact of fatigue. The Lakers winning percentage reached 64%. in O'neal and the Lakers supporters think time has won the Philadelphia media that refuses to accept, they think 76 people team is the strongest team history. Don't look at the 76 people in the past few seasons put rotten, but the team in history, but the emergence of many superstars, their best team history by Iverson, "Dr. J" Erwin, Barkley, Mose Malone and Chamberlain. Philadelphia media analysts believe that although the 76 players lack the true point guard, but Iverson and Dr. J have outstanding basketball skills, and the answer career field can send 6.2 assists. Therefore, there is reason to believe that Iverson can create enough opportunities for his teammates, and Dr. J will play the role of good point guard. Moreover, in the team, Iverson can play shooting guard, Dr. J can even hit number four, whether the Lakers can stop this bull, two score. 76 people frontcourt more terrorist, career Chamberlain averaged 22.8 rebounds, NBA 1st, Moses Malone career averaging 12.2 rebounds, the highest in the history of the 16th and Barkley, with an average of 11.6 rebounds row in the history of the 23. Three people together, 76 people will occupy the dominant rebounding in the game. NBA Chamberlain is the greatest striker, he had one game off 100 points. And Barkley can appear in the position of small forward, his stature is not high, but very agile, is one of the greatest frontcourt player in the NBA. As for Mose - Malone, he won 3 regular season MVP, have low scoring ability strong. Obviously, 76 people in front of the iron triangle is also unable to defend. just to make such a statement in the Philadelphia media, I believe that soon, the Boston media that they have something to say... ...get reloaded, the major application market search "ge〉 now the most popular of the road running and cycling sports, respectively, the utility model has the advantages are good aerobic exercise, good for physical fitness and health, it is known to everyone, but you may not know, both the difference in what? do not easily hurt alternating motion compared with both, the benefits of cycling is less likely to cause joint damage, belongs to the movement of the latching, the feet are fixed on the pedal activities, to around the knee ligament, relatively stable, and the joints of impact and pressure, it is not easy for arthritis; but high repeatability, caused mostly inflammation of the tendons. is open and running practice, impact on the joints, so the degradation and wear effect is relatively large. So the joint discomfort symptoms, or cruciate ligament had surgery, fracture patients just after healing, is not suitable for running this kind of impact the rehabilitation exercise, riding a bicycle is a good choice. So for the favorite sport riders, runners, under the situations of the body conditions allow, turn to do can not only training to different parts of the muscle, but also to avoid excessive use of the same parts of the muscles and joints, of course, will be able to reduce sports injuries. cycling can improve knee joint discomfort especially for are training to run the run friends, too hasty, excessive running, often cause of chondromalacia patella problems if a runner can in peacetime or rehabilitation, supplemented by high speed (90 rpm) in Ping Lu light step on the bike, but also tantamount to allow the knee to get rest. And although the cycling and running can also to quadriceps muscle training, but a bike ride can in less bring pressure of knee joint under, forge the chain to the quadriceps muscle to make it stronger, can also further reduce knee joint load, reduce the knee joint discomfort. But it should be noted that, if heavy step on the bike, climbing, it will cause the pressure and discomfort of the knee joint. running can enhance bone density but cycling and swimming, the bone density is more than no help, and running is in all aerobic exercise, to enhance the effect of bone density is the most obvious, can effectively prevent osteoporosis. For people over the age of 30, stimulation, accumulated bone this is very important, especially for women after the age of fifty, menopause, bone will the loss of a large number of, lead to osteoporosis, but also to start early motion will be stored in the bone, it is suitable for running and cycling which are matched with each other, cross movement. : in March 16th, at a Chinese and foreign press conference, Premier Wen Jiabao said: "this year will be the most difficult year for China's economy."." I feel the same way. I think 2008 will be the most difficult year for our footwear market. How to survive this difficult period and break through the predicament of shoe marketing? 2008-07-28 11:46 source: Taiwan Textile Federation of Taiwan Textile Federation on time in Vietnam Hu Zhiming city Sai Gon footwear import and export Limited by Share Ltd in July 14th when the week nearly 500 workers went on strike, asking for a raise and reduce shift work. Strikers said they had to work 4 hours a day, and Sunday was no exception. They vowed to return to work unless the company's director agreed to a pay rise and improved living conditions. The Sai Gon footwear import & export Limited by Share Ltd in Hu Zhiming, Vietnam, as of July 17th, saw nearly 500 workers on strike in July 14th, demanding higher wages and fewer shifts. Strikers said they had to work 4 hours a day, and Sunday was no exception. They vowed to return to work unless the company's director agreed to a pay rise and improved living conditions. As of July 17th, the strike workers had not yet returned to work. In July 16th, executives announced that they would improve the quality of meals and water, but did not reduce the number of shifts. Top executives also agreed to raise the daily wage by 2000 Vietnamese rupiah (about $0.12), but far from the workers' demands (up 5000 Vietnam shield). So far this year, Vietnam's textile, apparel and footwear companies are facing a wave of strikes, mainly due to the demand for pay increases caused by inflation in vietnam. As a result, the Vietnamese government has issued regulations restricting illegal strikes to compensate employers for their losses. (Editor: admin).